2023 Reading Challenge


I am extremely excited to announce the 2023 reading challenge! 12 Dog Books with 12 unique themes. The choice and interpretation is yours! Save the image to cross off each category as you complete it and join the challenge on StoryGraph

Or if you’re not a member of StoryGraph, share your goodreads with me when you’re done! I can always be found on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Here is a breakdown of the categories:

1. An adventure featuring dogs.
Most dogs love a good adventure, which pooch will you join on one?
Some suggested titles: Lassie or The Incredible Journey.

2. A romance featuring dogs.
Not doggie romances! Unless you want to read Lady and the Tramp, of course. The romance book world is filled with lots of pairing types and genres. Pick your fave, as long as your protagonist has a dog that features strongly.

3. A biography or memoir.
A dogs life story or that of someone who works with them/owns/rescues them.
Suggested titles: Olive, Mabel and Me, Finding Gobi, Where The Lost Dogs Go, A Big Little Life.

4. A book written in a dogs point of view.
Many authors have tackled getting into the minds of dogs.
Suggested titles: The Art of Racing in the Rain, Flush, Dog On It.

5. A book made into a film.
So many dog movies, a lot made from books!
Suggested titles: A Dogs Purpose, Marley and Me, 101 Dalmatians, Togo, Old Yeller.

6. Comic or graphic novel.
Suggested titles: Dead of Winter: Good Good Dog, Animosity, Good Dog. Whiskey, Stray Dogs.

7. Book from the podcast.
Book club is one of my favourites but I’ve also featured some authors, check out the list and pick something that interests you! https://gooddogspodcast.com/?cat=6

8. A dog book with a blue cover.
Any book with a dog but a blue or majority blue cover is a must!

9. A classic dog story.
Suggested titles: Call of the Wild, Where The Red Fern Grows, The Plague Dogs, A Boy and His Dog.

10. A book with your favourite dog breed.

11. A book featuring a dog with a job.
A book where the dog has a job, such as K9 search and rescue, police, etc. Or perhaps a dogs that assists an investigator. The choice and interpretation is yours.

12. A thriller or horror featuring a dog.
The thriller and horror genres aren’t usually kind of dogs, so the challenge will be if you’re brave enough to read Cujo or find a book where the dog doesn’t die like The Twisted Ones.

So will you join us in reading 12 dog themed books throughout the year? There will be a prize for 3 participants (drawn at random) who complete at least 10 prompts with 10 unique books and a prize for 1 participant (drawn at random if multiple) who completes all 12!.

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