All The Good Dogs is a podcast that once upon a time was called Pups n PopCulture. But whatever the name, its about all dogs, just all of them, because there are no bad dogs.

Your host for the podcast is Kate.

Each episode will see her joined by a fellow dog lover to talk about their own experiences with dogs, or chat about dog related media (tv, movie, book) or both! She is always looking to expand topics relating to dogs.

One thing you can be guaranteed is this … if there’s a dog, someone will be talking about it.

(Sometimes the podcast talks about cats, too!)

How do I listen?

You’ll need an app on your smartphone or tablet such as Apple Podcast for iOS or Google Podcasts or Podcast Addict for Android. You can also listen straight from the website.
All The Good Dogs is available on most places you listen to your favourite podcasts.

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More about Kate

Kate has been immersed in the dog life since she was born. 

Entering this world to a family of four dogs, (and human parents), she has vague memories of following eagerly behind the (then very senior) family Labradors as a toddler. She has fond memories of the pups, cats, mice, birds and other critters that followed after. In 2005, after many years of much loved mutts and rescues, her family adopted an ANKC pedigree Labrador. She has never looked back. She has many strong opinions about dog parentship and will share them if you ask - sometimes even if you don't.

In her early 20s she flirted with the idea of rebelling and becoming a cat person. But one hellcat, and many bites and scratches later, she declared allegiance to dogs once and for all. Callie, her now geriatric hell-beast, is still very much part of her life and they agree to cohabitate the same space in mutual apathy.

Kate's other child is Jazz - an ANKC pedigree Labrador who follows her everywhere and stares adoringly. Sometimes she wonders if they were created from the same soul since they both live for food and sleeping.


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